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Biden Regime Still Paying Contractors Not To Build Wall But To Babysit Piles Of Steel Beams And Sections Of Wall From Being Stolen

(Patriot Insider) - Despite the fact that Kamala Harris finally visited the border this week, the Biden regime is, without a doubt, not going to be doing anything or taking any action whatsoever to fix the historic crisis. Harris continued to blame the Trump...

President Trump Calls Out Crooked Wisconsin RINOs For Preventing Forensic Audit In State

(Patriot Insider) - President Trump is still fighting hard against those who had a hand in the 2020 stolen presidential election. How do we know who’s involved if nothing has been officially proven yet? Well, that’s really quite easy. All we have to do is look at who...

Fulton County Hires Criminal Attorneys To Stop Election Audit. What Are They Trying To Hide?

(Patriot Insider) - Democrats are still fighting as hard as they possibly can against honest and legal audits from happening in states around the country. Why on earth are Democrats so hell-bent against audits? If they believe there was no fraud and that Biden was the...

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Hannity, Boebert Fight Over House Speaker Saga

Hannity, Boebert Fight Over House Speaker Saga

( – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and presenter Sean Hannity got into a heated argument on Wednesday's episode of FNC's "Hannity" over her opposition to Rep. Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) campaign for speaker. Hannity believed that McCarthy's bid for 218...

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