Fulton County Hires Criminal Attorneys To Stop Election Audit. What Are They Trying To Hide?

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(Patriot Insider) – Democrats are still fighting as hard as they possibly can against honest and legal audits from happening in states around the country. Why on earth are Democrats so hell-bent against audits? If they believe there was no fraud and that Biden was the rightful winner, then what is the harm?

If anything, you’d think they would jump at the opportunity to prove Biden did, in fact, legitimately win and that Republicans and Trump supporters are wrong about all of the fraud allegations.

But, no. They’re fighting tooth and nail to stop any kind of effort to provide voters with assurance that the election was not rigged. Clearly, they have a lot to hide.

The fight in Georgia is particularly disturbing. Biden only “won” the state by just under 12,000 votes. Instead of fighting to prove Biden’s victory was legitimate, Democrats are spending all of their energy and resources fighting Republicans’ efforts to get an audit started.

It’s truly mind-boggling.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Fulton County officials have now hired a criminal attorney in their efforts to stop the court-ordered Georgia audit from going on.

On that same day, Henry County, Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. Amero ruled on the current Fulton County absentee ballot case resulting in him dismissing most of the lawsuit brought on by plaintiff Garland Favorito.

Despite the ruling which seemed to favor Fulton County officials, Favorito still believes the judges’ ruling is a “victory.”

The case is focused on the inspection of 147,000 absentee ballots based on claims by election observers who said they witnessed signs of counterfeit ballots and ballot stuffing during a hand recount of November’s election results.

Naturally, election officials have claimed they have looked into these allegations and have found no evidence to support them.

Prominent Atlanta attorney Don Samuel, hired to represent the Fulton County elections board, says there won’t be an audit, at least “not right now.”

“That litigation is finished,” said Don Samuel, a prominent Atlanta attorney hired by the Fulton elections board. “Is there going to be an audit? Not right now … There’s no discovery permitted. There’s no lawsuit pending anymore.”

However, Judge Amero left in place a previous order requiring the county to produce digital images of absentee ballots and other election records that are considered to be public documents under the Georgia Open Records Act.

Favorito says he plans to move forward with the audit and submit a ballot inspection plan next week based on the judge’s order from May to unseal absentee ballots, allowing for high-resolution re-scans of ballots and an in-person review.

“We just want Fulton to be held responsible,” Favorito said. “We could be moving forward any time now unless they try to stall again. Fulton may make a new desperation move to postpone it.”

But Samuel says when the case is over, the prior order to unseal the absentee ballots will become moot.

The lawsuit seeks to get authorization from the judge to inspect the ballots after observers claim they saw “pristine” mail-in ballots devoid of folds or creases. The corrupt Secretary of State’s office claims they investigated those allegations and found no signs of counterfeits.

That investigation, however, went against the judge’s protective order over the ballots which was issued in January and the Secretary of States’ office never bothered to release the findings of their supposed investigation to the public.

Favorito contends that Fulton County is trying to thwart the audit efforts with the hiring of the criminal attorneys and that they likely “have more tricks up their sleeve.”

On June 9, Favorito explained, “Now that they have hired criminal defense attorneys without any elections experience and without being authorized by the Board of Elections, it’s really, really strange, so I would think they have more tricks up their sleeve you know we could see another 30-day delay past June 21st, and they’ll probably throw something else at us, but I don’t – we got into technicalities now so I don’t see they haven’t been able to come up with anything concrete that would stop this inspection from going forward that I can see.”

On June 24, The Audit War Room tweeted the following Georgia update: “Georgia Audit Update: Fulton County hired two new CRIMINAL DEFENSE attorneys to stop the court ordered review of 150k ballots. What is Fulton County trying to hide?!”


Indeed, what is Fulton County trying to hide? It’s time to stop the monkey business and allow Favorito and his team to inspect the sealed mail-in absentee ballots. If there is no fraud then there’s no fraud. The American people deserve answers.

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