NFL Divided: “America Has ONE National Anthem.”

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( – The black national anthem was played during the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. NFL fans were sharply split on whether it was proper to play the black national anthem before Super Bowl 57.

Chris Stapleton, a 10-time Academy of Country Music Award winner, delivered the national anthem before the Philadelphia Eagles against Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII matchup at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

“America the Beautiful” was sung by recording artist, composer, and producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, a 12-time Grammy Award winner.

Lift Every Voice and Sing, the NAACP named the “black national anthem” in 1917, was performed by Emmy-winning actress and vocalist Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Twitter responses reveal that NFL supporters were passionately against and favored the black national anthem being played at Super Bowl LVII.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.): “There is only ONE national anthem in America. Why is the NFL playing numerous games to attempt to split us apart? Play football, not be awakened.”

Delano Squires, a contributor to TheBlaze: “In my all-black elementary school, we used to sing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during assembly. We also recited the pledge and sung the Star-Spangled Banner. Although it’s a lovely song, I get the impression that those who believe our country needs a new flag, anthem, and foundation (1619) are using it.”

Commentator CJ Pearson: “Every American is entitled to the National Anthem. What does a black one serve? America should not be divided on Super Bowl Sunday based on race. Not the 1960s anymore.”

T.J. Moe, a contributor to TheBlaze: “We played the “Black National Anthem,” thank God. Nothing promotes unity more than dividing things.”

Zeek Arkham, a police officer, and podcaster: “I’ve been singing my “black” national song ever since I was a little kid. youngsters of various ethnicities have been singing the same song. Never did my national anthem need a color. Do they want racism to end or do they want to continue dividing people?”

Former Republican contender Lavern Spicer: “The Star Spangled Banner is the Black National Anthem. The Star Spangled Banner is the United States national anthem. The Star Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the Mixed race. The Star Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States of America.”

According to commentator Matt Walsh, no other nation on Earth is absurd enough to allow several ethnic groupings to sing their own national anthems before important events.

Kevin Sorbo, an actor: “Before the Super Bowl, the @NFL will play a black national anthem. Seems racial and polarizing.”

Gerry Callahan, a radio host: “The “Black National Anthem” may stand as America’s worst corporate cowardice and crass pandering ever. Either you have one national anthem or none at all. Roger Goodell has no character.”

Ryan Fournier, the founder of Students for Trump: “No Black national anthem exists. White people don’t have a national anthem. There isn’t a national anthem for Hispanics. THE National Anthem is the only one. Godspeed to the USA!”

“Having a black national anthem is simply another way that Democrats keep us divided,” said former GOP candidate James Bradley.

Political analyst Jack Posobiec said sarcastically: “The only thing that can keep America together for all time is the development of unique national anthems for each of the many ethnic communities. Before every game, I insist on hearing them all, especially the Super Bowl.”

Others approved of the Super Bowl’s playing of the black national anthem.

Republican political operative Paris Dennard “James Weldon Johnson, a Republican, wrote the poem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” in 1900. It was initially played by kids at Johnson’s segregated FL elementary school to honor President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday today. His brother had set the song to music.”

Author Exavier Pope of Forbes: “The song’s official title is used when Black people refer to it, even though it is more often referred to as the Black National Anthem. The song’s origin, history, pedigree, and all the reasons it STILL important are also disregarded if you reject it.”

Skylar Baker-Jordan, a journalist: “Longer than “The Star-Spangled Banner” has been the national anthem of the United States, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” has served as the national song of the Black community. This tweet is intended for those conservatives who have already lost it or are going to do so over a song that praises God and freedom.”

Mitchell Robinson, a proponent of public education, asks that the “Black national anthem” be added to the list of pronouns, books, schools, LGBTQ people, and other unimportant things that terrify conservatives.

Filmmaker Matt Mikalatos: “Christians screaming over a hymn playing before the Super Bowl is particularly perplexing to me. They need to consider the lyrics, maybe.”

At Super Bowl LV in 2021, Alicia Keys’ rendition of the black national anthem from a prior recording was played. During Super Bowl LVI in 2022, the gospel group Mary Mary and Youth Orchestra played “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Should Americans be forced to recognize a black national anthem?

What are your thoughts?

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