President Trump Calls Out Crooked Wisconsin RINOs For Preventing Forensic Audit In State

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(Patriot Insider) – President Trump is still fighting hard against those who had a hand in the 2020 stolen presidential election.

How do we know who’s involved if nothing has been officially proven yet? Well, that’s really quite easy. All we have to do is look at who is standing in the way of audits and investigations being carried out.

It’s no secret the left does not want the truth to come out and they and their RINO cohorts are doing everything in their power to keep that from happening.

Their efforts to supposedly “defend democracy” by stopping legal audits from happening has only served to expose them for their complicity and involvement in the 2020 stolen election.

President Trump called out three such individuals in Wisconsin on Friday. Wisconsin RINOs Robin Vos, Chris Kapenga and Devin LeMahieu were personally targeted by Trump for standing in the way and preventing a forensic audit from taking place in Wisconsin.

This came after Trump called out Michigan RINOs for preventing an audit in their state.

In his statement on Friday, he said, “Wisconsin Republican leaders Robin Vos, Chris Kapenga, and Devin LeMahieu, are working hard to cover up election corruption in Wisconsin.”

“They are actively trying to prevent a Forensic Audit of the election results, especially those which took place in Milwaukee, one of the most corrupt election locales in the country.”

He went on to warn, “Don’t fall for their lies!” and added, “These REPUBLICAN “leaders” need to step up and support the people who elected them by providing them a full forensic investigation. If they don’t, I have little doubt that they will be primaried and quickly run out of office.”

President Trump is certainly right about that. The American people have proven they are tired of the games being played by establishment RINOs and are ready and willing to vote them out in place of elected officials who want to put America first.

Wisconsin is one of the swing states where President Trump held a commanding lead on Election Night only for a series of bizarre and improbable events to take place over the course of several days that results in Joe Biden not only catching up but ultimately “winning” the state.

Like Georgia, there have been countless reports of “pristine” mail-in ballots flooding in during the wee hours of Election Night which had an immense impact on the state’s results in the end.

In Wisconsin in particular, President Trump filed a lawsuit at the end of last year in regards to thousands of suspicious mail-in ballots supposedly from “indefinitely confined” voters.

These ballots were observed to be lacking folds or creases that should be present for ballots that have been mailed.

Not only that but the number of “indefinitely confined” voters in the state made a miraculous and unprecedented jump from around 60,000 in 2016 to over 200,000 in 2020.

Things are definitely not right in Wisconsin and it’s time for RINOs to get out of the way and allow an audit to be performed so the American people can finally know the truth.

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