Trump Pleads Not Guilty to 34 Counts of Falsifying Records

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( – During his historic arraignment on Tuesday afternoon, former President Donald Trump entered a not-guilty plea to 34 counts of faking business records in the first degree.

Trump was taken into custody at about 1:35 pm and charged with 34 counts of falsifying business documents when he appeared before the judge at 2:45 pm.

Trump entered a not-guilty plea to charge No. 71543-23.

The media was not permitted to webcast the court proceedings live per the judge’s directions. But, before the hearings, photographers could enter the courtroom and snap pictures.

A short while later, the photographers were observed exiting the courthouse after taking pictures.

The courtroom was described by CBS News’ Scott MacFarlane as “stuffy, cozy, and feeling more like an old middle school than like stately federal courtrooms.”

Around 1:30 pm, the former president turned himself into police at the Manhattan courthouse. He was imprisoned before being arraigned.

He turned, waved, and gave his fans a fist bump before ducking into a car on his way to the courthouse.

Trump wrote on Truth Social, “Seems so SURREAL – OMG, they are going to ARREST ME,” after entering the courtroom. Unbelievable that this is taking on in America. MAGA!”

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